What Is CHATGPT & How Does It Works?

An artificial intelligence research company OpenAI has given out a Chatbot. A chatbot is even said to take the place of Google, which is a CHATGPT, it is a prototype dialogue-based AI chatbot that is capable of understanding natural language and responding in natural language. It interacts in a conversational way that is a two-way dialogue. it will even admit its mistake, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests. The company has created it so that users can receive both technical and non-argot responses.

What is ChatGPT?

  • It is based on GPT 3.5 which is the present model.
  • The language model uses deep learning to produce human-like text.
  • The older GPT-3 model only took text prompts and tried to continue on that with its own generated text.
  • ChatGPT is more engaging as compared to the earlier GPT 3 model. Following are the improvements has been made as compared to the earlier version.
    • Better at generating detailed text.
    •  Even come up with poems.
    •  Memory.
    •  Conversation approach.
Types of ChatBots
Types of ChatBots
  • OpenAI has opened the bot only for evaluation.
  • API (Application Programming Interface) access is expected to follow soon.
  • API access, developers will be able to implement ChatGPT in their own software.

Features of ChatGPT

how an AI chatbots works?
how does an AI chatbot works?
  • Responding to Questions and answers
  • Can solve math equations
  • It can compose texts, such as basic academic articles, literary texts, movie scripts, etc.
  • Fixing and debugging (For example, detecting and correcting errors in any code block)
  • It can Translate between languages
  • Text summarization and keyword detection can also be done.
  • Classification between various things.
  • Recommendations.
  • Explicit explanations of all actions for example. explaining what a code block does

Limitations of Chatbots.

  • Prone to misinformation and biases.
  • There may be a chance to give incorrect answers say, algebraic problems.
  • People can easily be misled.
  • Incorrect or nonsensical answers.

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