Apple plans to launch extreme sports watch with larger screen

Apple, a Cupertino California-based company is expected to launch an extreme sports apple watch later this year. The watch is targeting sports athletes and will help them keep track of their activities in a better way. 

The main highlight of the watch is its large display, metal rugged casing, and longer battery life. Many new fitness features have already been added to Apple watch OS 9 like intensity tracking and multi sports workout to provide better fitness metrics. The large screen area of the watch could be used to show additional fitness metrics simultaneously.

To compete with its rivals, like Samsung Gear Watch and Google’s Fitbit, this new apple watch sports a shatterproof screen measuring 2 inches diagonally, such a large display is even bigger than the previous watch Series which sported a 1.9-inch display apart from that this new watch is making use of rugged metal for casing instead of aluminum which most of the watches in this segment use.

Apple watch
Apple watch

Coming to the specifications for this new watch, these are the rumored specs. for the new extreme watch.

Display: 2-inch retina always on retina display with a resolution of 410 by 502

Processor: S8 Processor 

Features: GPS, ECG, Fall Detection, etc.

OS: Apple watchOS 9

Build: Metal rugged with a shatterproof screen

This new watch will sport one of the biggest screens in the apple watch series lineup. With the introduction of this new series focusing on extreme sports, the company’s agenda is quite clear that it is competing with other manufacturers like Garmin who produce extreme sports gears. 

Apple Watch generates nearly 10% of the company’s total revenue generating around $38.4B annually. This new watch is expected to launch at a higher price than the series 8 priced at $699 and the launch of this new series is expected around September along with the launch of new iPhones.

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