Super Apps: Every Thing You Need To Know

Have you ever heard a super apps, an umbrella app under which we can get all the services such as payment of loans, financial services etc.

Super Apps
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A super-application is a versatile or web application that can offer numerous types of assistance including instalment and monetary exchange handling, successfully turning into a sweeping independent business and correspondence online stage that embraces numerous parts of individual and business life.

Super app offers a suite of services for users Messaging, social networking, peer-to-peer payments and e-commerce shopping. These mega apps are used widespreadely in Asia. WeChat in China, Gojek in Indonesia, Rappi in Brazil, Tata Neu in India.

What makes them Super Apps?

Inclusiveness- There are many users of mobile across the world they might differ in age, qualification, knowledge, colour, caste, religion here super apps provide services to each and every one equally.

Influence- It will influence your taste, once you have searched anything on an e-commerce company a contextualized similar objects can be reflected on other app as well so it can influence your taste as well.

Efficiency- As everything is present on the same app you might save time by not going here and there on different apps or searching by getting everything under one app.

Key Benefits

Super Apps every thing in one app
Every Thing in One App
  • Wide geographical coverage.
  • Lower development cost.
  • Simple on boarding process.
  • Revenue growth.
  • Better customer engagement.

Motive to develop such an app

what is wechat app
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Musk noted there is none of the app equivalent to a super app like WeChat outside of Asia. Adding more tools and services to Twitter could also reach his lofty growth goals for the company. Twitter to flourish from its 237 million users to ‘at least a billion’. Snapcash-ended the feature in 2018. Meta Platform Inc’s of Facebook and Instagram also seen similar platforms but they have not been able to develop success such as WeChat.

Reason for Success

  • Digital penetration.
  • Homogeneity
  • Unbanked population
  • Government support.


  • Data Privacy
  • Social responsibility
  • Taste profiling
  • Influence on preferences.

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