Are Gaming Laptops Good for programming?

Yes, Gaming laptops are good for programming, gaming laptops are known for their high performance and powerful specifications. They are usually big in size and often more expensive than standard laptops. Not every laptop that comes under the gaming category is capable of handling the most demanding programming tasks. Here are our top picks for programming and coding laptops.

This blog will help you narrow your search for laptops perfect for programming and coding.

Specifications required for A Gaming Laptop

A gaming laptop is fully packed with high-performing hardware, in the current time an entry-level gaming laptop comes with minimum specs of:

  • Powerful Processor
  • 8 gigabytes of RAM
  • Dedicated graphic card (GPU)
  • Effective cooling system
  • Fast storage device (SSD) 
  • Large Display with a high refresh rate
  • RGB Keyboard

but you don’t expect high battery life from these machines in fact you have to use it while the charger is plugged-in which is recommended for a gaming laptop.

The major difference between Gaming and non-gaming laptop is the GPU

Is Graphics Card Required for programing?

No, you don’t require a dedicated graphics card for programming, however, a GPU is definitely helpful if you are an app developer Graphics designer, or video editor then a dedicated graphics card would be helpful otherwise many programming languages do not require a GPU.

Different Types Of Graphics Cards Available In The Market

There are many graphics cards available in the market designed on the basis of use, like:

  • video cards
  • display cards
  • graphic cards 
  • graphic adapters
  • display adapters

They are 2 types of GPUs 

For most people, a laptop with an integrated graphics card is more than enough. But if you’re a hardcore gamer or a programmer, you will want a laptop with a dedicated graphics card. Integrated graphics cards are fine for most people. They’re cheap, they save space, and you can use an integrated graphics card to watch Netflix or YouTube. If you are into gaming or programming, you will want a laptop with a dedicated graphics card. A dedicated graphics card makes a laptop much more powerful. They’re not as integrated. You have to plug them into your laptop. But you have to have a good reason to need that extra power.

  • Integrated Graphic Card

Integrated graphic cards are by name defined as they are integrated into the processor, It uses the system memory shared with the CPU. It is low-cost compact in size, power-efficient

  • Dedicated Graphic Card
Dedicated graphic card
Dedicated Graphic card

Dedicated graphic cards are also known as discrete GPU, it uses a separate memory and cooling system. The CPU processes the video images with the help of the GPU.

Specifications Needed for a programming laptop

  • Processor
  • 8 gigabytes of RAM would be sufficient.
  • Fast storage device (SSD) for a smooth experience
  • High-resolution display for a clearer vision 
  • Good battery life that can last for at least 6 to 8 hours.

Why you should not consider buying a Gaming Laptop for Programming

When it comes to an actual battle between a gaming and a non gaming laptop, the later one will surely prove to be an underdog. But the question still remains; should you buy a gaming laptop for programming?

There is no doubt that gaming laptops are perfect for programming and gaming and you should definitely go for them but only if you are ready for the following trade off:


  • More expensive 
  • Consumes too much power
  • Have a Shorter Battery Backup
  • Bulky in size 
  • Noisy


  • Elegant looks
  • RGB Backlit keyboard
  • high refresh rate display for smooth visuals
  • high performance

Final Verdict

Finally we come to a conclusion that gaming laptops are indeed good for programming but buying them solely for programming can be a mistake as they provide more than what is required for programming and the cost has to be borne by the buyer apart from that they are also noisy, bulky hot machines which sufficiently lag behind the programming laptops in terms of battery backup.

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