Hydrogen as an emerging fuel

Fuel of the new India:

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are similar to electric vehicles. Both of them use an electric motor for emission instead of an internal combustion engine. But the difference is that an Electric Vehicle needs an external power source to recharge the battery but a hydrogen fueled vehicle can generate electricity by the help of a fuel cell.

Hydrogen plant
Hydrogen factory concept. Hydrogen production from renewable energy sources


Hydrogen fuel of the future India is going to emerge as a leader clean energy. It is a non-toxic combustible gaseous substance and the lightest in the family of chemical elements. Hydrogen is produced through electrolysis using renewable source of energy such as solar wind or Hydel power. India has begun to generate it as a fuel with the objective of raising non Fossil energy capacity to 500 GW by 2030. India’s first hydrogen pilot Plant was set up in Eastern Assam’s duliajan so that it can be stored for a long time to produce electricity using fuel cells. 

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Toyota

toyota mirai Hydrogen Car
Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Car

In 2021 there are two models of hydrogen cars publicly available in open market which is the world’s first mass produced dedicated fuel cell electric vehicles is Toyota Mirai and the Hyundai nexo. 98% of hydrogen is produced by steam methane reforming which emits carbon dioxide it can be produced by electrolysis of water or by thermochemical or pyrolytic means using renewable sources. But the process is currently expensive but the benefits of hydrogen technology are for a long range .


Hydrogen fuel cells is one of the best renewable clean energy sources but there are so many challenges too such as cost, storage, transportation. So there is a need for further technological advancement along with future investment in the infrastructure to support it.

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